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The Next Frontier of Drones: Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are well-known for their use of leapfrogging, or the use of new technologies to upend established paradigms of development. For example, instead of building financial institutions (and their complicated legal structures) entirely from scratch, Kenyans rely heavily on mobile money services like M-Pesa. Today, leapfrogging is present in nearly every developing nation to [...]

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The Long-Term Forecast For Emerging Markets

Economic and political turmoil in South America. Turkey’s turn to autocracy. The North Korean missile crisis, which threatens to wreak havoc across emerging markets in Asia. One look at the headlines today, and readers may think that the world is imploding, taking emerging markets with it. Yet despite the negative news headlines, emerging markets remain [...]

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Can Emerging Markets Survive Without Trade Agreements?

Trade kills the American economy. Either America wins (and emerging markets lose), or vice versa. Right or wrong, that was one key message of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and it worked. Though the actual causes of American economic difficulty (especially the fall of the middle class) are far more complex and deep-rooted, this simplistic message [...]

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What Does the Strong Dollar Mean for Emerging Markets?

The popular perception is that strong/weak currencies are something of a zero-sum proposition. Yet despite the gloomy prophecies of many emerging market specialists from 2016, the strong dollar hasn’t hurt these developing economies. Rather, geopolitical turmoil was more of a factor  than currency strength/weakness. Additionally, different markets reacted differently to a strong dollar--and the notion [...]

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Time to Rethink “Emerging Markets”

Is the term emerging markets obsolete? Nicholas Spiro, a London-based partner at Lauressa Advisory, makes this point in an op-ed for The South China Morning Post, one of the leading English-language newspapers in the Asia-Pacific region. Spiro lays out a convincing case on why we should rethink the label “emerging markets,” citing factors such as [...]

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How Emerging Markets are Taking the Lead on Renewable Energy

In the past, there was a perception that renewables were expensive, and therefore something of a luxury beyond the reach of developing nations. Those days are long gone: emerging markets in Asia, South America, and Africa have seized the initiative and are now overtaking more developed nations to dominate the sector, transforming themselves into veritable [...]

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Which Emerging Markets Make the Best Homes for Startups?

In the popular imagination, emerging markets are seen as economic engines of sky-high growth, pumping out cheap products and earning investors unbelievably high returns on their interest. But believe it or not, emerging markets also have another, more obscure strength: they are a hotbed of tech innovation, and in fact, have become fantastic bases for [...]

Blockchain and Emerging Markets

From the FDIC, which insures deposits in all US banks, to the Federal Reserve, which governs the American economy, our society is built on a trusted, central authority to regulate, insure, and govern But what about nations that don’t have reliable governmental institutions?  What about nations where corruption and graft are endemic--which, sadly, is much [...]

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Emerging Markets: A Bright Spot for the Future

From the British vote to exit the European Union to violence in Turkey to a sustained downturn in crude oil prices, headlines over the past year have brought a great deal of uncertainty to emerging market stocks. With uncertainty comes fear, and some investors have shied away from emerging market investments until they can get [...]

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