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801, 2018

The Next Frontier of Drones: Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are well-known for their use of leapfrogging, or the use of new technologies to upend established paradigms of development. For example, instead of building financial institutions (and their complicated legal structures) entirely from [...]

1810, 2017

Sunrise Industries in Emerging Markets

Long stereotyped solely as export-driven hotbeds of industrial manufacturing, emerging markets are rapidly getting a makeover. Today, nations like China and India command newfound respect for their deep capital and fearless experimentation with nascent, “sunrise” [...]

1608, 2017

The Long-Term Forecast For Emerging Markets

Economic and political turmoil in South America. Turkey’s turn to autocracy. The North Korean missile crisis, which threatens to wreak havoc across emerging markets in Asia. One look at the headlines today, and readers may [...]

1707, 2017

Can Emerging Markets Survive Without Trade Agreements?

Trade kills the American economy. Either America wins (and emerging markets lose), or vice versa. Right or wrong, that was one key message of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and it worked. Though the actual causes [...]

607, 2017

What Does the Strong Dollar Mean for Emerging Markets?

The popular perception is that strong/weak currencies are something of a zero-sum proposition. Yet despite the gloomy prophecies of many emerging market specialists from 2016, the strong dollar hasn’t hurt these developing economies. Rather, geopolitical [...]